Silence is golden... And cheap

Sound is one of the things that make this living more interesting and meaningful. Through this, you are able to communicate and understand others. You can interpret the meanings of the signs and symbols perceived from the surroundings. You can soothe your worried minds and anxious hearts through sounds. Silence and good music can provide you these, but not all sounds have these same effects. Sometimes, if sounds become distracting and too loud to be listened to, they can be turned into noises.

Problem: Noises

In the present time, noises can already be considered as a form of pollution. In science, pollution is a condition in the ecosystem wherein the natural living of the organisms is disturbed and is prone to hazards. Now this can be an alarming issue! Most of these noises come from man-made activities done in the urban areas, industries, and amusement centers. As effect, most of the animal behaviors are altered because of these unhealthy sounds. For humans, temporary deafness, restlessness, and lack of sleep might manifest.

To understand more about noises, it is necessary for you to know the process of how sound is propagated. The energy produced by the vibrating particles is transferred through different materials, most commonly through air or through solid surfaces. The amplitude of the sound wave determines the loud intensity of the propagating sound. Some sounds can be soft and sweet to the ears; others are too loud and distracting which eventually become noises. If you’re aiming to have a continuous peaceful sleep or a golden silence to accomplish a certain task, you would prefer to have less noises coming into your room.

Solution: Soundproofing

Fortunately, there is a way to combat these noises. This is soundproofing, a process of minimizing the sound transmission across a certain location. This method is commonly observed at places which tend to produce noises or attempt to reduce noises, like movie houses, music studios, and conference rooms. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? But actually, it is not because soundproofing is not confined with using costly materials to reduce noises.

You may fasten foams and insulations at all sides of the rooms since unpleasant sounds can come from different directions. These materials contain air spaces which make the transmission of sound energy more difficult to be transmitted. The cost of these soundproofing devices varies --- there are cheap ones, and there are expensive. Using of thick curtains and carpets may also be done to cause this effect. Rearranging of furnitures might also contribute to the noise-reduction process. As you can see, you can personalize your soundproofing methods to suit your room type, preferences, and budget, and the website can give you more tips and options that you could consider if you want to minimize the noises in your home.

Check out, and let the golden and cheap silence bring peace in your mind and in your heart. 

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