What Is There To Know About Santa Cruz Natural Mattress?

Gone are the years when people care less about nature. People are getting more conscious about staying green and preserving nature because we all know that Mother Nature’s revenge is more dangerous than we can ever imagine. That is why a surprising amount of individuals have been changing from using synthetic materials into organic ones. To answer the clamor of the public, Roger Keeling of Santa Cruz Natural Mattress, together with his brilliant team, has innovated eco-friendly mattresses that are not only sustainable, comfortable and durable but also affordable.

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About the Company

The Santa Cruz Natural Mattress is a neophyte when it comes to selling mattresses in the central coast of California but they are already veterans, with more than 50 years of experience, in making mattresses that are not just extremely comfortable but likewise in good physical condition. This family-owned company is boasting of their 100% natural and chemical free latex foam mattresses that can strongly compete with the traditional and trendy mattresses in the market. They make use of quality materials to give each one the opportunity of having a good night sleep.

About the Products

The eco mattresses are becoming popular recently especially to people who have been practicing eco-friendly living. These people usually make use of products that are very sustainable using natural materials. Their green mattresses, or so they called, were designed and handcrafted meticulously to provide customers with a very rewarding rest every night.

The Santa Cruz Natural Mattress was able to come up with a mattress that is both beneficial to the people and Mother Nature. Using the sap that they have carefully extracted from the rubber tree, or scientifically known as Hevea brasiliensis, they created a perfect mattress after undergoing the process called the vulcanization process.

What makes the latex foam mattress unique and effective is that it can protect the user from bacteria and molds that may harbor in the mattress for a number of years. The liquid latex, which is the main ingredient of the mattress, has a property that makes it very resilient to harmful pathogens. More so, the mattress is very breathable, meaning it can promote good air circulation all throughout the night. More importantly, the firmness of the mattress and the softness of its cover, which is made of organic cotton, will give the much comfort you need during sleeping time.

The next mattress you are going to buy should come from Santa Cruz Natural Mattress because they can provide you with the best eco mattresses at affordable prices. The mattresses come in six different sizes: Eastern (Standard) King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin Extra Long. Visit their showroom at 1804 Mission Street, Suite 102, Santa Cruz, CA. 95060 for more product details.

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